Final School Project for ARTG 120/ CMPM 120 at UC Santa Cruz

Unfortunately, had trouble loading some cutscenes, so they were taken out for this version, so you'll need a guide to play it.


Just wander around to get key for all the doors, but you need to pay attention to the painting puzzle; in the second room, find the upside down picture, turn off your light and walk through the painting. That will spawn you in a different room; there is a key somewhere, there is also a crypt. In the crypt, step on the coffin with an I, wait 2 seconds, then move to the coffin with a V, wait to seconds and press D. repeat this process for X, L,C,D. Then, the coffin in the center will disappear, revealing a cross.

The Goal of the game is to find the for crosses which will open the door by the altar. 

Alejandro Landaverde Henriquez - Programming and Sound Design

Drea Zarevich - Art and Menu UI

Misael Ruiz Garcia - Narrative and Level Design

In the some parts of the map, the game uses royalty free images from a museum:  Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington

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